The Modern Story of David and Goliath: Shaklee vs. the Social Marketer

History has it's way of repeating itself but do we learn from it and prevent it from happening again. The word 'prevent' is at the cornerstone of many social marketing campaigns--from preventing obesity, smoking, HIV/AIDS to diabetes. However I find the whole situation very ironic. That the greatest cause of all for social marketers will be an advocacy campaign for the growing field.

Learning lessons from the related industries

Today the PR News just launched an advocacy campaign for the public relations industry at Will the field of social marketing need to do the same? And the old guards make room at the table for the emerging social marketers to help slay the 'Shaklees' of the world.

With the Darwinism theme 'survival of the fittest,' social marketers will learn first hand the military mantra--lead, follow or get out the way--very quickly.

Looking back
Perhaps there should've been a quicker momentum especially once government realized CDC began the National Center for Health Marketing that the social marketing field should state (or better yet, market) its presence with establishing the American Social Marketing Association sooner--giving the field a competitive edge. However that's been slow to happen with the desire of creating an international organization dedicated to social marketing. As most people think, if government is doing then it must be mainstream. Most large institutions--public sector especially-- aren't risk takers especially when it comes to donor or tax payers' dollars.

But as my mom would say, you can't doing anything with 'should've, would've or could've'? They are not helpful teammates when you want to get ahead.

Over the horizon
We now feel and see for ourselves what it means to have social marketing in a free enterprise market. Social marketers are truly being tested by their visionary leadership, skillset, business acumen, and persuasive communication. Or will there be a dose of creativity to navigate these parona infested capitalistic markets.

Using the David and Goliath scenario, we realize that it was only a matter a time that a dutiful contender will challenge the social marketer to the ring. But who will win the match? The story continues...

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Creative Cause Goes to the 2009 Presidential Inauguration

It had been almost a month since I submitted for media credentials for the Presidential Inauguration. I was very relaxed about going or not. But when the email came yesterday confirming my credentials, a new found excitement filled me. And like an enthused Beyonce fan, I was standing in line a bit after 8:00am at the Washington Convention Center waiting to get my credentials.

So Creative Cause's media efforts have been stepped out with access to cover the Swearing In of the Inauguration. As a nonprofit in this bleak economic time, I have renewed hope. I look forward to embarking the week ahead. I am still uncertain how everything will unfold, but with my trusty Presidential Inauguration Committee Media Guide, warm winter gear and equipment, I will forge my way to capture history. So stayed tuned...

Create for Wellness in the New Year!

It's that time of year again....with year New Year, we attempt to make New Year's resolutions and stick with them. Do you find yourself mentioning the same check list item each year? Maybe it's time to be a get a little creative in 2009! At Creative Cause we promote creativity for good in the community; however it's just as in important in improving our personal wellness too.

So this year join us at this year's NBC 4 Health and Fitness Expo at the Washington Convention Center (Halls B and C) from Saturday and Sunday, January 10-11, 2009. At the Expo you have a chance to get free health screenings, win prizes and learn something new. Because that's what creativity is all about -- doing something new and different each day for the good of your life and your community.

Remember to stop by our booth to let out your creative expression. Also learn why creativity matters for your brain health and body. Win raffle prizes and get your Creative Cause gear. Lastly we want to hear how are you using your creativity for a new YOU in the new Year! Send us your comments. As creators for the cause, our greatest cause is living our true (authentic) lives. Share your creative ideas with the community today!

And I will start by sharing I have used my creativity to expand my mind by taking yoga...I have been on retreats and enjoyed it so much that I became a yoga teacher focusing on brain education for youth and adults. It has challenged me in keeping an open and peaceful mind and has helped my along my creative journey.

Creativity Gets Hot this Summer with Dan Pink

In April 2008 New York Times best-selling author Dan Pink gave an energy-packed presentation at the 21st Arts and Public Policy Lecture by the Americans For the Arts in the Kennedy Center, this year’s lecture was like no other. With great visuals, he made the economic case for the arts in a way that was refreshing and stimulating. Even American soul singer John Legend was present that evening to encourage Congress to support the arts.

Valuing both sides of the brain was the name of the game. In preparing for the next changing economy based on ideas, creativity and intellect, developing a new brain must be an imperative! As a suppressed artist breaking the chains of my left brain to emerge with full frontal creativity, I felt in company of like minds – Whole New Minds, that is –which happens to be the name of his first book.

Now Dan has a new book, The Adventures of Johnny Bunko. And like a true creative, the book is the first American business book done in the Japanese comic format known as manga.

As part of the Creative Cause's Creativity Matters 2008 Summer Speaker Series, join friends and 'causecreators' on July 9th at the TeqCorner Building to network and hear from Dan on his latest book. Register and get your very own signed copy of Johnny Bunko (for the first 40 paid attendees). Light refreshments will be included.

For more info and to register, please visit

A bit about Dan: Daniel H. Pink is the New York Times bestselling author of A WHOLE NEW MIND and FREE AGENT NATION. He lectures to corporations, associations, and universities around the world on economic transformation and the changing world of work. In 2007, he won a Japan Society Media Fellowship that took him to Tokyo to study the manga industry.
Dan will be talking and sharing lessons that most of us were never taught as we made our way through the workforce. He shares career advice that so many of us are lacking and causes us to be stuck in a job or career that so many of us dislike. You will also have a chance to engage in a Q&A with Dan.

Who says creativity doesn't matter?

Not Creative Cause!

Join us this Saturday, May 10th at 4PM at Artomatic in the Capital Plaza I Building (7th Floor) at 1200 First Street NE Washington, DC (Metro: New York Ave/red line) as we host our inaugural "Creativity Matters" Spring Speaker Series with a workshop on the Top Ten Ways to Create for the Cause as part of Learnapalooza at Artomatic.

At the workshop you will explore how creativity can bring more awareness and action to your cause/issue - health, education, housing, environment, etc.

Come and meet a young creative entrepreneur, Connell Wise, a Washington, DC native and Ashoka Youth Venture winner who will be our guest speakers. As a selected young journalist he will be joining me and other communicators from around the globe at the 2008 World Youth Congress in Canada this August! Learn more at

Register at and tell a friend!

Got a booked afternoon? Then come out on Saturay morning to meet other artists and view my two art pieces on display at the Sitar Center for the Arts in Adams Morgan from 12:00PM to 2:00PM near 17th and Kalorama Road NW Washington, DC.

Also don't miss the awesome artwork on display by hundreds of artists on display at Artomatic this weekend.

Haven't heard about Learnapalooza OR Artomatic?

Learnapalooza is an annual event where DC locals learn and teach from teach other. It's entirely free, and they've got more than 50 classes on the list already. All classes are less than 1 hour, and will be taught in the adams morgan area on Saturday, May 10th. For a list of classes, see:

Artomatic is a month-long multimedia arts event that draws together visual artists, musicians and performers and brings their work to the community without charge. Visit

Youth use their creativity to plant hope in Anacostia for the 20th Annual Global Youth Service Day

Creative Cause Youth Service America and State Farm Foundation join youth on this day

WASHINGTON, DC (April 23, 2008)—Last week during the Pope's visit in our nation's capitol, he spoke of ‘America as a land of opportunity and hope; yet it has become elusive for some.’ This Saturday, youth are planting hope in the community east of the river through volunteer service to create a community of hope.

Hosted by Creative Cause, the 2nd Annual Plant Hope in the City event commemorates Global Youth Service Day in partnership with Washington Middle School for the Girls and DC Young Women’s Leadership Committee.

This Saturday, April 26th from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the home of Washington Middle School for the Girls' 4th and 5th graders in the Washington View Apartments’ Community Room, youth and volunteers will be joined by Steven A. Culbertson, president of Youth Service America and State Farm Foundation staff.

At the free community event, youth, mentors, and volunteers will develop a youth-driven arts project using the “Plant Hope” theme reflecting the community that they wish to see and live. Also they lunch, certificates, giveaways and a chance to win Plant Hope t-shirts will be available.

“As the Pope mentioned, we have a choice to plant the seeds of hope in our community and create opportunities of community empowerment through service leadership and creativity,” said Tambra Stevenson, resident of Ward 8 and founder of Creative Cause. “For us, hope means helping other people everyday. Creative Cause encourages hope in people to use their creativity to make a positive impact in their communities.”

Creative Cause and well over 120 national organizations are helping organize Global Youth Service Day this year along with Youth Service America and 32 international organizations.

Creative Cause’s Plant Hope project, a recipient of the State Farm Good Neighbor Service-Learning Grant is proud to participate again in Global Youth Service Day, the largest service event in the world involving over 3 million youth in highlighting their contributions to the betterment of their communities through voluntary service.

"When it comes to changing your community, creativity is key. I am proud to team up with Creative Cause in their effort to provide a fun, creative outlet for young people in Southeast that will give them a chance to begin rebuilding their own neighborhood," says Loryn Wilson, the 2008 youth ambassador for Plant Hope and George Washington University student. "Plant Hope is about thinking globally while addressing the local issues youth face, such as crime and pollution. My hope is that the youth today can not only have fun and use their creative gifts, but will leave with the responsibility of giving back to their communities.”

“The State Farm Good Neighbor Service-Learning grant winners demonstrate unprecedented global caring and initiative, showing the world that young people can be leaders today, not in some distant tomorrow,” says Steve Culbertson, president and CEO of Youth Service America.

"Young people around the world are experiencing fundamental necessities of democracy - the ability to serve and give back to their community - while gaining academic and workplace readiness skills that are valued by State Farm. We share a common belief that our young people are not tomorrow's leaders, they are leaders today,” says Edward B. Rust Jr., Chairman and CEO, State Farm.

Limited visitor parking and seating is available. Please register in advance at or via email More information about this event can be viewed at

Creative Cause is a Washington, DC-based social enterprise dedicated to using creativity to raise awareness and action on social causes and encourage the next generation of leaders to harness their creativity to address social issues in their community. We accomplish this by hosting educational, outreach and community service events throughout the year. To learn more about how to get involved and support Creative Cause, contact Tambra Stevenson at and visit

The 20th annual Global Youth Service Day (GYSD), the largest volunteer event in the world, will be held April 25-27, 2008. GYSD is the largest service event in the world, engaging millions of young Americans and focusing national attention on the amazing leadership of young people. Serve DC has led the citywide event for the sixth year in a row, mobilizing District youth and their families to participate in various creative community service projects

Create Hope in the City for Global Youth Service Day

If you missed Plant HOPE last year at McKinley Tech High, you don't want to miss this year for the inner creative yearning to pass along the creative energy to youth and show how creativity can be used for the cause.

For Global Youth Service Day and Earth Day, we are taking Plant HOPE east of the River on Saturday, April 26th. Join us and bring your friends for the 2nd Annual Plant Hope in the City. This year Creative Cause with support from the State Farm Foundation and Youth Service America is hosting an arts-civic engagement service-learning project in partnership with the Washington Middle School for the Girls in Southeast Washington, DC near Anacostia metro.

Are you working with youth and looking for a fun activity to get involved with on Global Youth Service Day? Then look no further and come out to Plant HOPE!

*Bring your mentees, middle schoolers, elementary students, and kids!

At Plant HOPE, you will...

* Learn how art can make a social impact
* Create and present your art projects - visual arts, lyrics, poetry using the theme Plant HOPE!
* Get funky with your creativity
* Win great raffle prizes - t-shirts
* Get lunch and snacks

We need Plant HOPE volunteers to:

* Mentor youth with their arts-related projects (visual, performing, lyrics, etc)
* Take photos
* Videotape the day
* Register people
* Pick up lunchart

What's Plant Hope? Plant HOPE takes on several means. For this event it means Helping Other People Everyday! Let's plant hope together in Anacostia's youth! Find out at

Want to use your creativity for the cause? Then join Creative Cause as we connect creators for the cause. Creative Cause welcomes your generous support to continue Plant HOPE. Contact us on how you can support CC's programs at Bookmark

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